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What is SpokeHub?

SpokeHub is a group-based social media platform that gives users the ability to create or join public or private Hubs around trending topics or areas of interest. SpokeHub utilizes innovative group chat technology to foster a social network feel within groups.

  • Adds connection and relevance to every conversation through the usage of public or private Hubs
  • Gives every user the opportunity to join conversations around topics of interest or create new conversations themselves.
  • Provides opportunity for paid premium users to respond directly to their fans and/or consumers in real-time.
  • Provides opportunity for teams, companies, and celebrities to gain direct access to engage their fan-base.
  • Brings rapid analytics to paying users for targeted marketing.

Why SpokeHub?

The majority of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) focus on building user content, disrupting the user’s ability to truly engage. The problem with this approach, however, is that the user’s social reach is greatly limited. SpokeHub enables users to give their input and share their feelings with people who they are personally connected (private hubs) or they are connected around a topic of interest with the general public (public hubs). Our approach truly allows users to engage immediately.

In reality, when people gather to experience social events as a community, they look to their social media platform to share this experience. SpokeHub’s aim is to create this type of real-time, two-way interactivity within a mobile social community environment.

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