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PoD™ – Introducing a platform on demand solution

Real-Time Feedback

We allow users, also known as Hubsters, to connect in real-time around topics, brands and events. The majority of social media platforms focus on user-generated content with passive interactions, whereas SpokeHub provides a place for continuous engagement with people worldwide.

Data on Demand  

Not only do you have access to real time conversational feedback, you also have immediate access to a portfolio of metrics which include, not limited to, sentiment analysis, demographic data, and behavioral analysis.

Augmented Reality 

SpokeHub allows brands to leverage cutting edge augmented reality technology to drive engagement around exclusive content giving users an experience unlike any other.

Revenue Stream 

SpokeHub provides companies an additional revenue stream by participating in our revenue sharing and royalty program. You have the opportunity to realize ROI through sponsorship programs and/or advertising plays.

“SpokeHub has given me a platform where I can gain insights about my customers on the fly which allows me to deliver on what they say they need and/or want. It has changed the way I do business.”

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