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02 Oct 2018

6 Questions to Help You Focus on What Truly Matters for Your Business This Fall

Fall is a simple time. It is full of holidays spent with your family and pumpkin spice lattes, right?

Well, for a business owner fall can just feel like quarter four. It’s the end of the year so most entrepreneurs are in between trying to leave their mark on the present year and planning for the next one. With all of the strategy and reflection, it is critical to focus on what truly matters for you and your business as you transition to the new year. But how do you do this? These key questions will help you to get more in touch with yourself and figure it out.


1. Who in My Life is Helping and Who is Hurting My Growth?

This is something that most people are usually too busy to see or even think about, however, it is super important for you to understand. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and forget to take a step back.

People can be hurtful to your growth and to the growth of your business. If someone isn’t contributing to your happiness or effectiveness 70% of the time or more, why waste your time?

In your company, it is important to be sure that everything you do and have, including your employees, fit your brand’s mission statement. Here at Spokehub, our mission is to disrupt the power of conversation and connect the world through enhanced experiences.

Taking time to look at your employees and see if they are fitting into the vision as well as pushing it forward every day will help you to either steer them in the right direction or replace them with individuals that fit the brand.


2. What is Distracting Me?

It could be social media, the burning hatred you have for your job or a problem at work that isn’t easily being solved. The trick is to figure it out before you let it get in between you and what matters to you.

What do you spend a lot of time on that isn’t productive?

It could be that week-long decision where you are trying to decide between a great opportunity and an amazing opportunity but then realize you’ve now put yourself in a position where you have to scramble to execute your current reality… Yes – it happens to us too. The key is to recognize it early and adjust.


3. Am I Avoiding Tasks That I Dread Doing?

News flash: you don’t really have to do anything. That’s the beauty of life, we get to make choices. If you hate your job, find a way to save to start a new one or find a way to start your own business. Have an employee that isn’t working out? Kindly get rid of him/her.

There’s a flip side to that, however.

You see, when you start a business, there are a lot of tasks that have to get done, especially with the addition of social media and the newest website trends. Most entrepreneurs tend to pick and choose tasks and feel that they are still getting a lot done because they’re working 70 hours a week on the things they enjoy, whether it be Facebook Advertising or creating graphics.

You cannot simply just avoid the tasks that are a part of the bigger picture because you dread them, they are essential to finish the painting.

However, something that may be helpful to consider is outsourcing. This can be a great way to find someone that you trust to take on those extra tasks. What you can do is evaluate what YOU are good and what you are not good at doing. Then, look at what skills you lack or simply don’t want to waste valuable time on and see how and to whom you may be able to outsource those tasks. This way, your time is spent on doing the tasks that you enjoy and are good at. Not to mention the fact that you won’t be bogged down with extra trivial tasks. Say goodbye to that extra work you promised your client, it’s outsourced.


4. What Would I Do With My Life if I Knew There Were No Limits?

If money wasn’t an issue, if time wasn’t an issue…what would you be working towards?

Maybe you would finally start that business you’ve always thought about, or pursue your passion.

Think about that for a second…

Okay, now that you know what you would do without limits, let us ask you something. Why not go for it as if there weren’t any? There is no reason to not work toward the goal. The only thing holding you back from your success is you.

Something we always like to remind ourselves of the fact that there have been people that have achieved the same goal with even more limits than you have now.

Believe us, we know how it feels. SpokeHub started in 2017 and like many startups, we’ve had many challenges and thankfully more successes. Starting a new business is tough, but when you treat it like there are no limits, anything is possible.


5. Does My Presence Add Value to the Ones Around Me?

Are you constantly bringing everyone around you down with your negative comments and outlook? You may not even notice that you are doing this. The truth is, being negative can be a habit that is formed and hard to kick. Maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror and assess why you’re acting a certain way. You want to be the light in people’s lives, not someone that drains the positivity out of everything…Not only does being negative bring you down, it brings others down and stunts your growth in both your personal and professional life.

We know that it is hard to always be positive as a business owner because the truth is, you’re thrown curveballs all the time. But here’s another curveball for you, you signed up for this. Now you have to own it.

You’re not doing yourself, your employees or your business any favors by being negative. It’s not that you can’t have off days, it’s just that you need to make sure you’re setting a positive leadership example to the people around you. Not only can you be of influence to your employees, but you can also set a positive influence for your clients. It’s time you accept the responsibility because you can make an impact. Being positive radiates to the world around you. It is true that you can feel a smile over the phone, so make sure you keep that in mind. Remind yourself of this every morning and you’ll deal with things differently throughout the day.


6. What are the Top Five Things I Cherish in Life?

This may seem like an easy question to answer, but when you get into it, it starts getting harder and harder to choose. This can be a great exercise to remind yourself what is important in life and perhaps what you have been spending too much time on.

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to forget to stop, take a breather and to actually see all that is around you. We tend to get so wrapped up in making sure that our business is running smoothly, or we get caught up in putting out fires, that we forget the ‘why’ in our business.

Why did you start this business in the first place?

Maybe you started the business so that you could provide for someone who is 1-5 on that list. If that is why you know what is more important.

Spending time on the things you love and with the people you cherish will only make your business stronger. If you are happy, your business will thrive.

This fall, take the time to remember who is helping you or hurting you, what is distracting you, what you cherish most and if you’re being a positive person. Also, make sure to ponder why you are doing what you are doing, how you are doing it, what ways you can improve on it.  Yes, it sounds like a lot to think about and you’re probably getting a headache just reading these questions, but this way you can begin making the necessary adjustments and go into Quarter 4 disrupting the new year with your business.

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