How to Stay With and Slay Your Goals
18 Sep 2018

How to Stay With and Slay Your Goals

I’m sure this sounds familiar to you: you get all excited about a recent goal you set and can’t stop thinking about it. It gets you giddy and happy dreaming about what life will be like once you reach it.
The problem is, you can’t ever seem to reach it.
Once you declare the goal, you have no clue what to do next. Maybe you even go as far as making a vision board, or god forbid telling your family. Then the fun wears off and you find yourself stuck in the same old situation, discouraged about any goals at all.

Well, have no fear, things are about to change for you. Today we’re going to help you find your goals, stay with them and then SLAY them.

1. Set  REALISTIC Short Term & Long Term Goals

Set Smart Goals

Before we get into actually coming up with your goals, it is important for you to know this: It is OKAY if your goals change because you will.

Short Term Goals:

Monthly: Choose only ONE short-term goal PER MONTH. You should be able to get it done within the month. Having one goal will not only help you to keep your focus, but it makes achieving it easier. When you start to reach one goal a month, you will feel unstoppable.
Examples: Lose ten pounds, cut out dairy, turn assignments in on time all month, finish a book,  drink more water, cook more.

Six Month: Now choose one six month goal. This is the goal you will be keeping in the back of your mind and working towards. It should be a little more involved than your monthly goals.  This one will take some more dedication, but don’t worry, it’s going to be worth it.
Examples: Make new friends, get into shape, raise your credit score, move out, save for a trip.

One Year: Now choose a one-year goal. This is the toughest of the short-term goals because you have to look in advance. It is not uncommon for you to change completely in a year. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to change your mind. Just think hard about what you would like to accomplish in the next year and keep it in your mind for now.
Examples: travel out of the country, save a certain amount of money, buy a house, buy a car, move out, learn a new skill, graduate college/high school.

Long Term Goals:

Five Years/ Ten Years: What do you want your life to look like in five years? How about ten?  The truth is, choosing one specific five-year goal is just too tricky. So, for your long-term goals, I want you to choose your ideal life five years from now and then ten years from now.

A long-term goal is a mission statement for your life.


-Own a home and a Mercedes.

-Graduate from college, get a career that I love and have a nice car.

-Own my own business.

-A dog named Jeff and a Van with a surfboard on top to travel to the best waves.

It is important to get very specific about your long-term goals. What brings you true happiness? What is your ideal life when you look into your future?


Do Something Great
Now, even though this is usually the step that everyone stops on, you aren’t going to.
This is the time to get excited about what life will be like once you reach your goals.  Talk about it, write about it or make a vision board, whatever works for you. We just want you to feel the excitement as if you ALREADY HAVE your dream life. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but it works. This is called VISUALIZATION and it’s a very powerful tool. Not only will it help you to get motivated, but it will also help you to think positive uplifting thoughts so that you can SLAY these goals and have fun while doing it.


1. Choose the goal you will be visualizing

2. Think about it in detail, imagine your life with the goal already reached. What would you be doing every day? How would you feel?

3. Make sure you’re excited and feeling emotions

4. Practice gratitude daily for the things you already have achieved

5. Take action


Get A Plan
So, we hate to break it to you, but this is the part where it stops being a blast and starts becoming more of a chore. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to feel like that. It can feel amazing. Sure, this is the part where most people give up, but you aren’t most people.
You’re a go-getter and you’re going to achieve every. single. goal.
When it comes to planning, I highly recommend keeping a journal of some sort. Journals help to not only collect your thoughts but also to keep a visible reminder of your goals.

We’re not going to sit here and explain to you how to break each goal down into much smaller goals and blah blah blah. That is what makes reaching your goals SO overwhelming, and you want it to come easily.
You know what you have to do.
If you’re trying to lose ten pounds this month, I can guarantee eating lunch at Chic-Fil-a three times a week isn’t going to be helping you out.
Trying to get straight A’s this semester? Partying every night and waiting until Sunday at 10:55 to finish all of your assignments MIGHT NOT be the route you want to take.
To me, the most important part of the plan is to stay motivated. If you are motivated, you will complete whatever it takes. It won’t feel like a job, it will feel euphoric.



Stay Motivated
“But  how can I stay motivated for something a year down the road when I have to worry about school, bills, student loans, getting healthy, working out….?”

Well, when you think like that, your whole life is going to feel like one big job.

You have to change your mindset. In order to get motivated, you have to STAY excited.

How do you stay excited?

-Gratitude Journal
-Future Day Journal Entries
-Responsibly Acting Like You Have Reached Goals Already
Okay, do those sound a bit far-fetched to you? Too bad, you have to give them a shot.

So, a gratitude journal is basically where you write down every day (or every few days if you can) what you’re grateful for in life.  It can be ANYTHING.
Future journal entries work as a sort of manifestation/visualization tool. You write an entry for a day in the future where all of your dreams have already been reached.
To you, it may sound crazy, but believe us, this WORKS. We just started smiling writing that! A future journal entry gets your emotions flowing and makes you want to get going on those goals.



Okay, so here is something that not a lot of people talk about when it comes to slaying goals…
It doesn’t matter if your mom doesn’t believe that you can reach your goals or if your grandma is your biggest supporter. If YOU don’t believe that you can achieve and SLAY your goals, you won’t.
That is why it is so important to be your own number one fan.
The truth is, whether your dreams are humongous and seem unattainable or small and simple, you CAN do it.
People have achieved YOUR dreams with LESS than YOU have.

Here are some ways to gain confidence:

-Love the things that you cannot change

-Change the things you don’t like about yourself if you are able to

-Start helping others

-Don’t do things that you don’t want to do

-Be yourself

-Get ready in the mornings


6. Reward Yourself When a Goal is Reached

reward yourself

Once you’ve reached a goal, you need to reward yourself.
No, I’m not saying go out and buy yourself a brand new car because you saved.
When a goal is achieved, treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant, go get your nails done, go on a mini shopping spree, or simply have a day all to yourself to binge watch Netflix.
These reward days are essential to continuing to achieve goals over and over again until you’ve succeeded in obtaining your dreams.


It’s not going to be easy. Setting goals are the simple part, achieving them is something different entirely. It’s time for you to put your foot down and stop letting your life pass you by.

The things that you want ARE obtainable. It IS possible to live your dream life.

We’ve given you the framework, now it’s time for you to show the world what you’ve got!


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