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04 Sep 2018

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Experience

Having a strong, trusted brand is essential for your company to flourish. In the event that your intended audience doesn’t know or trust your brand, in what capacity will you ever increase your customer base and deals? Here are six creative strategies you can use to enhance brand awareness and help your business flourish.

1. Get Your Art or Other Products Displayed by Influencers to Enhance Brand Experience.

Influencer marketing is here to stay! Welcoming influencers into your niche is an extraordinary method to enhance brand awareness and ideally drive sales, but be careful – it requires an authentic connection between the influencer and the brand. When influencers have an established audience that knows and trusts them and when they choose to specifically call out your product(s) and talk about your brand in their content…That is when; those mentions will extend your reach and increase people’s familiarity with your product.

Ikonick is an ideal example of an organization that works specifically with influencers: the company offers canvas art for your home and office. The manner in which Ikonick utilizes influencers includes giving them art and having those influencers pose with the art. They then share the photographs via web-based networking media such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

“Our relationships are a critical part of our business,” co-founder Mark Mastrandrea said. “Our connections make up our community, and the community is the manner by which our brand grows.”

Ikonick utilizes a wide range of influencers, from Instagram photographers to celebrities. The organization’s social strategy has empowered it to scale and develop exponentially because its influencers turn out to be part of its business group – even ambassadors. The relationship is commonly fulfilling, Mastrandrea said.

Also, organizations can offer to sponsor influencers on occasion (if they do that kind of thing) and even utilize them as spokespersons for their brand and product(s). Many of CrossFit-related organizations do this, including Rogue Fitness, which sponsor certain competitors with clothing. The competitor then turns into a billboard for the organization.

One thing lacking from this campaign is engagement. So, when you do your next influencer campaign think about how you can get users to continue the conversation beyond the initial post.

2. Use Branded Packaging.

Have you at any point received an order that came in branded packaging? As opposed to considering it to be simply one more shipment, maybe you felt that exceptional branding influenced the package to appear like a gift.

Packlane is an organization that enables companies to plan custom packaging, using their logo and branding to enhance the customer experience. The team has made a unique box for L’Oreal, HP, Shopify and RedBull, to give some examples.

The group realizes that the product experience doesn’t start at first use, but instead at the unpacking stage. How organizations present their brand, and the story they tell through their plan and designs, can make a passionate connection with the customer. That connection may last significantly longer than the product itself.

Branded packaging offers an extra touchpoint to the value your brand provides for every customer’s experience and distinguishes you from marketplace competitors. Neglecting your product’s packaging is a missed branding opportunity in the present ultra-competitive market landscape.

3. Conduct SEO Research.

Have you heard that most consumers don’t look past the main page of search results? How about that the majority of individuals in that group don’t look past the first couple of results on the page?

Consider how great SEO is for organizations pitching to prospects. If contenders are citing to similar information it loses a part of its power. This is due to every one of those organizations trying to get new customers.

Researching about SEO strategies related to your niche, product or services can enable you to build brand awareness. This research will separate you as an expert and leader in your industry. SEMRush is an incredible tool that can help you perform the correct sort of research since it gives a particular keyword to research.

4. Double-Down on Social.

Your customers are on social media, therefore, you should be too! Building brand experiences on social media takes some extra cleverness in this day and age. This is because the “big 3” (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are becoming more normalized. Let’s take a look at how to use a few different social platforms.


Instagram possesses visual power for brand experience promotion. It’s said that a picture is worth 1000 words, and Instagram took that idiom to another level giving brands an opportunity to promote their story through the image(s) they post and the content they describe. It’s an incredible tool for loved ones to scroll through and see uploaded photos and it’s similarly as useful for brands to showcase their products to their consumers.

Azazie offers bridesmaids’ and marriage wedding outfits. To do that, it’s progressed toward becoming hyper-focused on developing its social media, particularly on Instagram.

The reason is that, on this platform, the organization can solicit new brides to share pictures from their special day. They can also show their experience with Azazie’s dresses. As anyone might expect, their Instagram page is full of excellent photographs that rouse different brides-to-be to imagine themselves in one of the outfits.

The best part is that Azazie harnesses the power of social proof by utilizing testimonials (and individual pictures) from the customers it’s helped.


Like Instagram, Facebook can build brand awareness and has the masses to build a large following.  One of the best features of Facebook is the ability to create retargeting ads. This promotes an advertisement to people that have been previously pinpointed. Birchbox, a leader in the subscription box beauty industry, uses retargeting ads along with the old school method of social proof to direct consumers to the reviews section of their website. This ad works because it entices consumers to go back to the website and see what all the hype is about.


Twitter is yet another big social media platform for brand awareness. It aids you to share news and connect with customers who are already talking about your business.

Wendy’s has established a reputation on Twitter and enhanced its brand awareness by responding to media mentions of its brand, and also competitors’ posts with quippy, cheeky and entertaining comments. A standout tweet happened when a client called out the company, asking where the nearest McDonald’s was.

Wendy’s responded with a junk can picture.

Regardless of whether you like Wendy’s or not, it’s hard not to value its meals and have the brand top of mind.


SpokeHub is a new way of marketing entirely. To your end customer it is a social chat platform where unlike the other social platforms that force you to follow people or add “friends”, SpokeHub allows everyone to connect by topics of interest. For the brand it is an all-encompassing platform where you can promote your brand through true two-way engagement with your consumers, release exclusive content through augmented reality experiences, capture the sentiment and behavioral analysis data of your engagement, and so much more. SpokeHub allows brands to engage with diverse communities interested in the brand all in one place. SpokeHub is emerging as the ultimate content delivery platform.

5. Take Advantage of Google’s AdSense Auto Ads.

At last, paid promotions are a great way to get your name and site before your targeted audience. However, narrowing down your audience and getting your pitch perfect can be dubious.

Recently, Google declared its new AdSense Auto Ads, which presents publishers with the best place to make and enhance their Ads.

Through machine learning innovation, Auto Ads can be set automatically on sites that are best for your brand. There, they viably reach your potential customers, giving you a greater degree of profitability.

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